Alert - Scam Targeting Vermont Physicians

The Vermont Medical Society was made aware this week of a scam targeting doctors in Vermont, across geographic locations in the state.   The physicians targeted have been called, including on the physician’s private cell phone number after hours, by individuals representing themselves to be deputy sheriffs from the local sheriff’s department.  The individuals inform the doctor that he or she has a warrant out for their arrest for failure to appear at court pursuant to a subpoena that they accepted service on, and that the doctor can either 1) be arrested criminally for failure to appear or 2) to handle this matter “civilly” by paying a “bond” and therefore avoid their arrest.  The scammers use extensive personal information to make it seem plausible that they are law enforcement, including knowledge of a physician’s legal history and mirroring names and cell phone numbers of county sheriff staff.

What to do if you are targeted by this scam: Do not provide any personal or financial information to the caller.  Immediately end the call.  Call the direct landline of the county sheriff’s department - as opposed to any number given to you by the caller - to confirm the validity of the call and report the scam:  Report the scam to the Consumer Assistance Program of the Attorney General’s Office: Reach out to your practice attorney for further guidance. 


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